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    Spe·cial Ed Strat·e·gist
    A certified special educator who comprehensively assesses all symptoms and factors to set
    achievable academic goals, empower individual intiative, and mobilize team support.

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    Meet one of 2 certified therapists in Maryland - our Executive Director, Wendy Taylor, M.Ed,ET/P

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    Special Ed Collaborative

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    Educational Therapy & Academic Coaching

    Learning Essential’s mission is to understand and meet the educational needs of each child. Our vision begins
    with you. We help to educate families like yours to better understand your child’s school struggles, support
    academic growth, and advocate for an equitable education. Our coaching and educational therapy services are
    individualized to meet the needs of your child and promote academic success.

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    IEP Coaching

    You know your child best. We support families with IEP coaching to prepare for educational team meetings and effectively advocate for your child. Our coaching services decode the language of special education and help you negotiate services, navigate conflicts, and create better outcomes.
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    Special Ed Collaborative

    Sometimes it takes a village. The Special Ed Collaborative network provides you with the education, resources,
    and community to best advocate for your child’s learning needs. By connecting you to our Learning Essentials
    team, professional partners and greater special education community, we help you to find answers, make
    informed decisions, and empower your child to set and achieve academic goals.

    Meet Wendy Taylor, M.Ed., ET/P

    Wendy Taylor is a certified Educational Therapist, qualified Orton-Gillingham practitioner, trained Educational Diagnostician, skilled IEP Coach, and the host of the IEP Essentials Podcast.

    As Executive Director of Learning Essentials, Wendy’s mission is to meet the individual needs of each student she serves. She maintains that every student is capable of success both in and out of the classroom, but finds that many students lack the strategies to achieve success. That is why she founded Learning Essentials to guide students and instill study habits that assist learners of all abilities to attain, if not exceed, their goals.

    Wendy has extensive experience working with students of all ages and abilities, with a focus on learning differences and disabilities.

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